Data Backup & Networks

Data Backup and Restore

Data can be everything you create and store on you computer.

It could be your music collection, your pictures of that great night out or the word processing document containing that book you’re working on.
You need to make sure you keep your data safe, and always have a back up of those important documents and files should anything go wrong.
KTS Computer Repairs can advise and assist with backing up your data. It may even be possible to retreive deleted data.

Get in touch and we’ll help you protect those valuable files and assist in finding them if you loose them.

Networks & Wireless

Everyone is going wireless these days, allowing you the freedom to roam as you surf the internet or chat with your friends.
KTS Computer Repairs can help install your wireless network and get you connected to the internet, your friends and family and even other computers you may own.
You will be able to surf the internet, share files and pictures and even other hardware such as printers.
Give us a call and let us help you go wireless.